We like frogs. We like toffee.

Oh and we like arranging lines, curves, images and colours too.





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Bigtop started in 2000 on a dining room table. We’ve changed a little since then. Working as a team of four up until March 2019, we have now condensed to a pair of professional designers based in Oxford, UK. We have an international client base and focus on offering customers a friendly, reliable and high quality service. We are excited by design projects big or small.


I wanted to be a graphic designer even before I knew what one was. Inspired by nature, shapes, patterns, colours and symmetry, each project is an exciting challenge for me. At the moment I'm particularly enjoying infographic and web banner design. My other interests include cooking, cycling, sun, trains, picnics, John Deere tractors, Grimes, Dirty Projectors, cakes, camping, Buffalo 66, Stranger Things and Wes Anderson.


Some people say I’m half man half fish, others say it’s more of a 60/40 split. I've certainly been accused of talking a load of carp on more than one occassion... Interests include: design, fishing, music, board games, proper beer and anything with melted cheese on it.


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