We like dogs. We like coffee.

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Bigtop started in 2000 on a dining room table. We’ve grown a little bit since, but not too much – we’re now a professional team of four designers with a proper office and a nice coffee machine.


I couldn't live without... swimming, people, shapes, colours, symmetry, inspiration, cooking, bikes, sun, trains, John Deeres, Grimes, Dirty Projectors, cakes, camping, Drive, Buffalo 66, Stranger Things, picnics, change, Goodhood, Paul Harnden, The Grand Budapest Hotel.


I'm a small, bald, northern graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. I like cheese and crackers, composting and holidays in Cornwall. General hobbies include cycling along country lanes, feeding garden birds, playing the ukulele and starting small fires.


Some people say I’m half man half fish, others say it’s more of a 60/40 split. I've certainly been accused of talking a load of carp on more than one occassion... Interests include: design, fishing, music, board games, proper beer and anything with melted cheese on it.


I like riding my bike, Giffords Circus, taking render off stone walls, vintage fabrics, making clothes, Lily and Joe, Harry my Morris Minor, the sea, Rebecca, Jeff Buckley and summer evenings in the garden with a bottle of wine.


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